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Rules of the Road


Using both verbal and visual communication will help keep both you and other riders safe while out on the road.  If you are old enough to drive a car and you are licensed to drive, then you already know the "Rules of The Road".  Riding a bicycle does not alter those rules.  In fact, it makes you more responsible because you will lose the battle against a 2000 pound car.  The Premier Bicycle Club requires that cyclist follow the "Rules of The Road" consistently in order for riders to be safe and for us to create to good impression amongst motorists.  

  • Use both verbal commands and hand signals to communicate turns, slowing, stopping and road surface hazards
  • Slow and stop at all stop signs and traffic lights - The new PA "Ride on Red" Law may apply to cyclists. Click here to read more.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the rider in front of you, especially when descending a hill.  Riders should always spread out when going downhill.
  • Pass only on the left and alert other riders that you are passing
  • Ride no more than two abreast on quiet roads and only where it is safe to do so
  • Ride single file on all busy roads
  • Ride alert with your head up and eyes up the road
  • Always assume you are invisible to automobile drivers.  Make yourself visible by wearing bright colored clothing and using lights on your bike.
  • Recognize that a rider behind you cannot always see road hazards and that it is the lead rider's duty to alert other riders to the hazards he/she sees coming.
  • Verbally communicate any road hazards by shouting out "Hole!" or "Rough road!" when appropriate. When riding in a tight group or pace line, riders immediately behind you cannot see what you can see out front.  Protect other riders by staying alert yourself and verbally announcing hazards as you see them. 
  • Verbally communicating when descending is not effective since the wind in your face will prevent your voice from carrying.  Additionally, the wind noise alone will prevent other riders from hearing you.  While exercising caution, use hand signals to point out potholes or debris when descending.
  • It is unsafe to be in a tight group or pace line when descending a hill.  Riders should spread out so each rider can see the road in front of them.
  • The group may stop for mechanical problems.  If there is a designated sweep who can assist, then the ride can proceed. 
  • If a rider wishes to leave the route, you must tell the Ride Leader.
Ride smart.  Ride safe.
Now let's ride together.
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