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We all want to ride faster, but unlike the pros we don't usually have an expert telling us how. These tips from Trek-Segafredo's Performance director, Josu Lazzarabal, can help everyone ride better, fast.

On the left is Trek-Segafredo General Manager, 
Lucia Guercilean with Josu
1. Ride as much as you can. The more you train, the more you progress. The body will develop adaptive response to fatigue. With that response, your ability to perform gets better. 

2. Often is more important than more. You will see much better results with three one-hour rides a week over one three-hour ride per week. 

3. Use a heart rate monitor. There are a lot of metrics you can get and a power meter can help you if you have access to one, but if I had to choose just one, I would use the heart rate. You should only do a max heart rate effort once in a while. Sustained 60°/o-80°/om ax heart rate efforts are where you can makes ome difference in your fitness. 

4. Drink one bottle of fluid per hour. If you are riding in the heat, drink two bottles every hour no matter the ride length and make sure you are adding electrolytes. 

5. Add some isotonic workouts to the mix. A lot of cyclists focus so much on riding that they miss the strength training that can pay off on longer rides and hot days. On the team, we always incorporate strength training into the riders' programs. 

6. Eat and drink before you're hungry or thirsty. When those sensations arrive, it's already too late. Make it automatic. Drink in small amounts all the time. Same with the food. Start with bars and solids and move to gels as the ride progresses.
7. Start with short climbs and progress towards longer ones. If you don't have climbs, a home trainer can help. It's a great way to do interval training and you can control the pace without looking at heart rate. Start with good efforts on short climbs once a week and move up as your fitness increases. Move up to two days and max out at three interval climbing days per week when you're where you want to be.

8. Match your ride to your energy. When you feel good, ride between a medium and hard effort. If you feel really good, go hard. The professionals can train all day every day,. so they can stick to prescribed training plans. For most of us, trying to fit training in between work, it's different. When you're not feeling. your best, do an easy ride or even a rest day.

9. Get a medical checkup once a year. It's just common sense and important to ensure your body is ready to train. You are the engine, the most important part. If the engine is not good, the car cannot go.

10. Always enjoy! Cycling is supposed to be fun. If you don't enjoy riding, or find you are not reaching your expectations, it's ok to re-examine your goals. Find the right balance but always have fun.

Article appeared in Trek Bikes, "New for 2019" brochure